Request for Proposals (RFP): Contracts with the U.S. Embassy

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Request for Quotations :

November 27, 2019

United States Embassy Freetown-GSO Requesting for a Qualified Auctioneer.

Are you a qualified Auctioneer? The U.S Embassy Freetown is looking for an experienced and qualified Auctioneer to conduct its auction of used and excess items to include but not limited to vehicles, furniture, IT equipment, kitchen appliances, office equipment etc.

The Prospective Auctioneer is expected to meet the following criteria:
 Wide range of knowledge about auction processes
 Good communication skills
 Driven and motivated to sell all items
 Reliable, integrity and good reporting skills
The Auctioneer shall furnish all managerial, administrative, and direct labor and personnel that are necessary to accomplish the auction processes at any time called upon by the U.S Embassy Freetown with an agreed percentage. Upon submission of proposal, only qualified Auctioneers will be contacted for a discussion with the General Services Officer and AGSO.

Prospective Auctioneers are required to:
Submit a proposal to the United State Embassy Freetown addressing it to the Contracting Officer and AGSO.

Proposal Should Include:
 Preliminary plan to conduct a large auction
 Reference from past auctions
 Examples of any promotional materials or planning documents from past auctions
 Proposed financial plan including percentage return rate range for the Embassy

Should you have any questions please contact the following below:
Jules Coney Revere
Phone: +23299105220

Tity Karimu-Mansaray
Procurement Assistant
Phone: +23299105247

All Interested Auctioneers shall submit their proposals not later than December 5, 2019 at 5:00pm.