Health Alert for U.S. Citizens

Event: Register for Possible Repatriation Flight to the United States

Location: Sierra Leone (countrywide)

The U.S. Embassy is exploring the option of a repatriation flight to the United States to depart in early June.  U.S. citizens and LPRs who would like to return to the United States should use the online request form to register their interest.  Each adult family member must submit their own form.  Children may be listed on a parent’s form.

If you are not able to depart Sierra Leone in early June, please do not complete this form.  This form is for passengers who wish to return to the United States on the next available flight and who would be available to travel.

If you previously submitted a form for the earlier flights in March and April, but did not depart, please resubmit the form.  Information from your prior form will not be transferred and you will not be considered for this possible flight.  You must resubmit a new form.

Passengers on this flight will be required to sign a promissory note for the cost of the flight.  At this time, we do not have a confirmed cost for the possible flight but anticipate that it would be around $2400.  Passengers will be billed for the cost of the flight upon their return to the United States.

We do not have information on the date of the possible flight or the arrival airport in the United States.  This information will be available when a flight is confirmed and will be provided to passengers who have submitted forms.  Passengers will be responsible for their own transportation from the arrival airport to their final destinations.

Actions to Take: