Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Freetown, Sierra Leone

Action:  Submit registration information for possible repatriation flights

The U.S. Embassy in Freetown is continuing to work to organize repatriation flights to the United States.

If you are interested in returning to the United States on a repatriation flight, you must complete the required information requested in the travel request form.  Please include all requested information.

Each family member must complete a separate form.  Please note that sending an e-mail to the e-mail box will not reserve a seat on any upcoming flights.  All passengers must complete the required form using the link above.  You do not need to contact us separately to inform us of the completed travel request form.

If a repatriation flight is confirmed, travelers will be responsible for booking onward travel from the arrival location in the United States to their final destination. The Embassy is not able to assist with these onward reservations.

Citizens are required to observe social distancing protocols, stay home if they are sick and seek medical attention if they show symptoms of COVID-19.  If you have fever, tiredness, and cough, call 117 right away.  Make sure to tell 117 if you or someone you know has traveled to another country in the last 14 days.  Avoid travel if you have a fever or cough.

Actions to Take: