First Annual “Report to the Salone People” from the U.S. Embassy

The United States Embassy in Sierra Leone is delighted to announce the release of the inaugural “Report to the Salone People.” This pivotal report symbolizes the strength and depth of the partnership between the United States and Sierra Leone, covering our collaborative efforts in vital areas such as democracy and governance, health, and economic growth over the last year. It reflects on our joint initiatives to strengthen democratic institutions and processes, highlighting our commitment to transparency, civil society engagement, and fair electoral processes. In the health sector, our combined efforts have been instrumental in combating infectious diseases, enhancing maternal and child health, and bolstering the healthcare infrastructure of Sierra Leone. These actions underscore our shared commitment to the well-being and prosperity of the Sierra Leonean people. The report also sheds light on the economic ties between our two nations, showcasing projects aimed at sustainable development. These include educational exchange, renewable energy investments, and support for local entrepreneurs, all contributing to the economic resilience and growth of Sierra Leone. This document is a testament to our shared values and goals, offering a comprehensive overview of our endeavors and vision for a mutually prosperous future. We warmly invite everyone to read this report and gain a deeper understanding of the robust U.S.-Sierra Leone partnership. The report can be downloaded here, providing valuable insights into our cooperative efforts and aspirations for continued progress and success.