U.S. Mission Creates New Opportunities for Fishing Community

The Tassor Fish Mongers Association is creating new economic opportunities in Tissana, a coastal community in Moyamba District, with support from the U.S. Mission.  We visited the project site on February 13 and learned that community members have repaired 12 boats, mended and trimmed 750 meters of fishing net, reconstructed an oven facility for smoking fish, and received seed money to start small businesses.  One community member told us that the Ebola outbreak stopped everything in the community but that Tassor has helped them to recover:  “We are working, no longer sitting idly; we are catching fish, taking them to oven for smoking.  We are getting some money, and children are going to school again.”  The U.S. Mission is proud to supports local groups like Tassor as they help their communities improve standards of living.